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by Scott Gabriel on February 23, 2017

Have you tried online rummy or you have questions clouding your mind? Even though, rummy is a popular card game in India, there is still few misconceptions about online rummy. Rather than believing in rumors and incorrect information, look at these common questions that crosses the mind of every rummy player.

rummy for cash

Is online rummy legal in India?

It is completely legal to play rummy in India. Rummy is a game of skill and requires strategy and there is no element of chance in it. Skill based games are legal and can be played. Rummy is also further protected under the Constitution of India under Article 19[1] (g).

Can you really win real cash money with online rummy?

Rummy card game for cash is all about playing cash tournaments and games. Yes, player can win real cash money with online money that they can transfer to their bank accounts. All transactions are secure and completely validated.

How can a player withdraw money from rummy websites?

The withdrawal process is quite simple. All one needs to do is, put in a withdrawal request and it is processed within 24 hours. The amount is received in the player’s account in 2-3 working days, depending whether it’s a NEFT or a cheque request.

Are banking details safe on rummy websites?

Rummy websites are completely secure. Before doing any transaction, players should always check if they are on a secure platform or not. Check for the ‘Https://’ sign at all times. RummyCircle, India’s largest rummy website gives a secure gateway to put through all transactions. With multiple payment channels, players can pick the most suited option. All details are 100% secure and protected.

Do you need a PAN card to play online rummy?

Yes, before making large deposits or withdrawals, the KYC documentation must be complete. It is a mandate that online rummy websites must follow. It helps in securing the account of the user and avoiding any kind of fraud.

Are the tournaments extremely difficult?

Absolutely no. Rummy tournaments are challenging but with the right strategy and skill set, even a beginner level player can win tournaments with ease. Play with focus, dedication and confidence and winning the biggest tournaments also become easy.

What’s the minimum deposit required?

RummyCircle doesn’t require you to make any deposit to play non-cash games. However, to enter cash rummy tournaments, a minimum deposit of Rs. 25/- is required. Once you make this deposit, you can also use the Joining Bonus amount given by the website.

What is responsible playing?

Playing rummy online is for entertainment and it should stay that way. Responsible playing is a simple control funnel, helping players maintain a limited cash gameplay. If there are any signs like chasing losses, addictive playing with long hours of playing, then there is a limit put on the account. Rummy should never become a habit and should always be a source of fun and enjoyment.

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