Why is Rummy a popular game in India?

by Scott Gabriel on August 14, 2017

rummy game

Ever since the game of Rummy hit online in India, the popularity that it gained has been overwhelming, thanks mainly to the type of reliability and customer satisfaction that RummyCircle, the premium Rummy site has to offer. No wonder the game has become popular out of nowhere with RummyCircle alone single handedly hosting 5 million people. How enthralling is this Indian Rummy game that it has become the online sensation in the shortest span possible? Let us now look forward to finding the answers for the same and why Rummy game download is always on the rise in India.

Rise of Internet users in India:

India stands at top among many countries across the globe as far as Internet usage is concerned. As avid users, they are mostly seen whiling away time on social media. They are used to list their daily activists and achievements, if any, avidly on social media. So, when online Rummy was introduced by RummyCircle in India, they grabbed it as an opportunity to project themselves to the outside world through social media as a regular player of online Rummy game, showcasing their winnings every now and then. So, the increase in the number of Internet users in India has become directly proportionate to the increase in the popularity of online Rummy.

No big demands;

Most sophisticated online games demand equally sophisticated mobile phones and Internet speed. RummyCircle, the biggest online portal in India has made it easy for the customers by validating even a 2G speed connection to run their mobile app smoothly, more so even on the cheapest of smart phones without interruptions. So, even a daily wage class, let alone salaried class is able to play online Rummy and win money rather regularly by playing the game on the go.

Relief from stress:

In the sort of joint family set up that Indians have practised, there is no shortage of stress at all, coupled with stressful working environment too. More often than not an office goer struggles hard to maintain balance between home and workplace in an effort to make everyone happy. So how to counter such a stress which eats away one’s peace? That is one of the reasons why people take to online Rummy which refreshes one’s mind and make him feel less stressful too. This game is so entertaining that you can easily overcome stress and stay relaxed at least during past times.

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