Top 5 Trends in Online Gaming

by Scott Gabriel on February 6, 2014

Did you know that ten out of every 100 Indians use the internet? The numbers are expected to double by 2015! The rise of internet users, aided by technological advancements, has enabled people to come together from different corners of the country to play rummy online.

When you are tired after a long day’s work or are traveling back from somewhere, you can engage yourself with an interesting game of rummy. Yes, micro-blogging and social networking are fun. But this form of recreation can actually help you in skill development besides offering great opportunities to earn money!

5 Noteworthy Trends in Online Gaming
These trends may have a huge impact on online gaming:

• Rise of Portable Computing: Notebook prices have fallen drastically, allowing more people to afford access to online gaming than ever before. With the advent of tablets in the market and touchscreen monitors in laptops, the online gaming sphere has gained a broader market with more possibilities.

• Gaming Beyond Social Networking Websites: According to, 87% of US gamers go to websites other than social networking sites for casual online gaming. This means that, despite the social networking craze, online multiplayer games such as rummy 13 card game are much more popular among online gamers.

• More Platforms for Digital Marketing: No matter how tiny your smartphone is, you will always get to view advertisements on free apps. Wherever and whenever you access anything online, there is always enough space to market your products. Similarly for online gaming, advertising and marketing campaigns make it possible to reach out to a larger audience, which is really important for the popularity of online multiplayer games like rummy.

• The Internet is Getting Faster Everyday: Having internet speeds of up to 28 Mbps is no longer a distant dream. This makes it possible for multiplayer games to load and respond faster on PCs and laptops.

• It All Started With Card Games: Remember the time you played solitaire on your computer for hours as early as two decades ago? Well, the trend and fascination for card games have not died down. In fact, rummy has gained popularity with the growing use of computers and internet.

Each of these trends has an impact on online rummy in India. Rummy in India has adapted to the trends of online gaming and is one game you must not miss!

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