The excitement that Indian card rummy game brings to a dull day

by Scott Gabriel on July 5, 2017

Indian card rummy game

Rummy has been India’s favorite card game for centuries now. It was no wonder when the online rummy mania spread like a wildfire and rummy became one of the most sought after online games. Everyone plays Indian 13 cards game rummy these days and why wouldn’t they – it is both entertaining and rewarding. You could make some pocket money playing your favorite card game. It cannot get any better than that. There are other exciting things about playing rummy online and we have listed a few such things below.

Anywhere and anytime: You can play rummy online at anytime and from anywhere and on any device. You need not wait for anyone or to get to any place to enjoy your favorite card game. You can play it immediately – all you need to do is login to, and join a table, and start playing. We understand that fixing a venue to play rummy and gathering other rummy players at a time and at a place could be tiresome. It takes away the fun from the game itself. The ease with which you can play your favorite game makes it more exciting, doesn’t it?

Can play with any one of the million online players: Unknown and unexpected things are always exciting. Now you can play your favorite card game with any one of the million players who play rummy online. They are those people who share your passion and love for Indian card rummy game. If you have tried to gather players to play rummy offline, then it is truly a euphoric moment to see so many players who want to play rummy as much as you want to.

Welcome and other bonuses: It is not an easy choice to invest time and money online even if it is to play your favorite card game, Rummy. However, gives you free welcome bonus of Rs. 1000/- and is the most trusted online rummy destination out there. Yes, it isn’t a joke. You get a thousand rupee to kickstart your rummy for cash venture. You can experience the thrill of playing rummy online for cash with your welcome bonus and start investing at a later point. On top of this, you receive bonuses regularly and get plenty of chances to win non-monetary rewards.

Tournaments and jackpots: organizes many seasonal tournaments – mostly during Diwali and Christmas and other such occasions – and they are something every online rummy players look forward to throughout the year. They have their reasons too. These are not just any tournament but big budgeted played at a large scale – both in terms of cash and the audience. There are other jackpots and many small prizes to win regularly almost everyday on

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