Thanks to RummyCircle, my years-old Rummy revenge was sweeter than I thought

by Scott Gabriel on January 11, 2016

It was a busy Monday morning and the usual traffic hassles were eating more than just my time. So, in order to make that time a little more productive, I started skimming through online social blogs on my phone, reclining in the rear seat of the car. While most of the stuff reeked of conventional information, one quirky post grabbed my attention. It talked about how a kid waited for over 8 years to avenge an old video game defeat he had suffered at the hands of his dad. It immediately piqued my interest and I started reading the blog. By the time I reached the last word, my mind was buzzing with a sinisterly-cool idea- my own rummy revenge.

I can still not forget that night when at a family get together I lost not 1 but 3 rummy games to my cousins. It was time to turn the tables.  Even though they were now scattered across the country, I knew I could get us all together on an online rummy platform. So I did a little research on Google and easily landed on At the first view, I was almost sold. The layout of the entire website was easy on the eyes and nothing so complicated, something I knew my cousins, who now are in their 40s, would prefer. The RummyCircle reviews by existing players seemed very genuine and confidence inspiring. Now the only hurdle was to get familiar with the online gaming experience. Much to my surprise, the website was far more sorted and well organized. Right on the homepage were the links that directed me to the videos and tutorials explaining the nuances of the game. All this came in extremely handy.

The day was decided, it was Sunday of the very same week. I had ensured that all my cousins had made themselves acquainted with rummycircle website and had played a few trial games. And then through an interesting feature, we booked for ourselves a private table. It was the close-knit family event all over again. The game ensued and thanks to a few tips and tricks and rummy rules mentioned in the site, I beat them all, hands down. The revenge was sweeter than ever. It was a feeling of inexplicable satisfaction, thanks to RummyCircle. Of course, I am now expecting a challenge from their side but I am all up for it.

So if you have a lost Rummy game troubling you, then don’t back off from avenging it. Log on to, play 13 card rummy and enjoy the fresh sense of victory. There is nothing like it!

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