Six productive ways to use your idle time

by Scott Gabriel on March 3, 2017

What could start just as a funny chat in WhatsApp groups may gradually snowball into an ugly exchange. What seemed as an innocuous share on your Facebook timeline may invite wrath of others and the abuses and threats that follow can destroy your peace and sleep for multiple days. As a matter of fact, even watching news channels and mega serials on television can disturb our minds by spreading negativity all the time. So, what else is the best way of spending idle time? Well, whatever way do we spend our idle time, it should be productive enough. Let’s look at these six ways in which we can spend idle time productively.


A game of Rummy:

Have you ever thought if the idle time could make you win cash on-the-go? Will you not like to grab such an opening with both hands? Indian Rummy offers this opportunity which is mouth-wateringly lucrative. When you play Rummy for Cash, you will find it irresistible not to play it again. Since the game involves carefully thought out strategies, it increases the decision-making capabilities of yours in day to day life too. Not only does this game improves your personality but it also sharpens your intelligence which, you eventually gain by the strategies that you learn to apply. So, what are you waiting for? This is one thing which you cannot really miss. Can you?

Spending time with people:

Speaking of Rummy, it does not just act as a productive tool for spending idle time. In addition to gaining skills and intelligence for which it is known for, you will be gaining many friends too. In your life, you might have seen many friends who have come and left as passing clouds. But this will not be the case with RummyCircle. This beautiful game enraptures your focus so tightly that you will never lose sight of your friends who are bound to give you company forever in your life


Speaking of stress, nothing comes close to eradicating it than music. While most of us listen to film songs, it would be even better if we attempt singing them. Go to a secluded room, shut down all doors and sing as loud as you can. You can have the same recorded on phone and make others listen too. Just try at once. The happiness that you get out of it will be indescribable.

Writing blogs:

How good are your writing skills? Well if you are good at it, you should seriously take up blogging as a hobby which you can spare during your idle time. Blogging can be a serious hobby but what you pen can be funny too. Write some entertaining stuff which can be even about your own experience – may be your travel stories or funny anecdotes. You can also start a blog just to share your rummy expertise and some insider tips for the starters. Or Write something about how to play rummy or rummy rules of different rummy variant.

Yoga / Exercises:

People who are overloaded with work day in and day out are vulnerable to both physical and mental illness. So, how to come out of this predicament? It is where we must be choosy in utilizing the idle time productively. So, how about attending yoga classes? By learning it, you will be able to keep yourself in a good mental state – a quality which is of utmost importance in maintaining a calm and cool composure even when faced with unthinkable difficulties in life.  As a matter of fact, your chances of winning online Rummy increases when you practise Yoga. Around 70% Rummy players are said to have been practising it regularly. In fact, they have attributed their decision-making skills and vibrant strategies to yoga. What yoga gives you is an impeccable concentration on the game and a great fighting spirit. When you are focused, and are not easily distracted, your chances of losing are much minimal. In fact, the chances are you may never lose. You will be able to pick up proper strategies at the right time. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to yoga classes in your locality and spend your idle time productively.

Learn other languages:

It is always better to have your knowledge updated time and again. The more you learn, the better will be the opportunities presented to you. So, when you are left with idle time, how about adding another language to your repertoire just like RummyCircle gets itself updated in many native languages. Living in a country like India, where the states are divided on linguistic basis, will not learning a new language increase our strength of finding a better job in other states? Give a thought about it. So, continue learning new languages with interest. On a lighter note, you have RummyCircle available as a ready reckoner anyway not to let you forget your own language – be it Tamil or Telugu.

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