Significant tips that will make you win rummy game

by Scott Gabriel on January 31, 2017

Like all things in life, there is no shortcut to success in rummy card game. However, having a few tips could give you a benefit and an initiative over the other players. Below are some rummy tips that will help you play your cards correctly and make you win the game:

Plan for the run: The main aim of any player in the game of rummy should be to create a pure sequence. Doing so would help in cutting losses even if you drop the game. Once this is considered, you can move onto the different things. Whereas it is a general practice for most of the players to create a sequence with three cards, the feasibility of creating a sequence with four cards is a choice that is generally overlooked. This could be your Joker in the pack, which could finally help you in winning the game!

Try to make more sequences: While you might be done with creating single sequence, going for a second one is always the best idea. The point to remember is that at least one of the sequences should be pure, while the other can use a Joker.

Discard high value cards: Cards like King, Queen, Jack and Ace are your biggest enemies in 13 card game, if not being used in a sequence. These cards have the highest points and will enhance your count if you drop. The trick is to discard these cards untimely in the game. In an event where the opposite player announces and you have some high point cards being inactive, you can think about using the Joker to make a sequence of these high value cards, to reduce your losses.

One’s trash, another’s treasure: Having a good remembrance can work for your benefit in the rummy game. Keep an eye on the cards selected by your opposite players to get a hint about the possible sequences he might be creating. If possible, try to hoard the cards close to the ones being selected so as to keep him away from completing his sequence.

Baiting: It is safe to presume that like you, even your opposite player will be keeping a record of the cards selected or discarded by you. This makes the ground for baiting! You can use your cards to trap your opponent into discarding a specific card that you need.

Interchange colors: Interchanging colors helps one in simply distinguishing between different suits and makes game play much simpler. By using a Red-Black-Red-Black or a Black-Red-Black-Red approach, you can simply locate inactive cards and steer clear of discarding a significant card.

Wait evermore: The most essential tip to keep in mind is to never wait very long for a card. It is always a good idea to continuously reassess your cards in an attempt to come up with other feasible combinations.

So, try to employ these strategies in your game play and your performance will increase by leaps and bounds. Also, take a look at this rummycircle review so that you will be able to find something more about the game.

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