Rummycircle reviews- Know all about it..!

by Scott Gabriel on December 7, 2016

Rummycircle is basically a website for playing rummy online.This website has millions of registered users. I will tell you here about the Rummycircle review. I have been a player of this website and with my experience, i want to share some of the points whether bad or good about this website. I will talk in detail about how it works, How the game proceeds and what are its policies, how the money flows and status of the company and all about it in this Rummycircle reviews.


This website has more than two million registered users and is one of the most popular websites in India. This website offers two formats of game one the usual 13 card play rummy set and another is classic Indian rummy where you can win the cash prize as well as a trip to the foreign country.

Rummycircle works with a big techie Australian company for security and it says that the information of the debit and credit cards of the users are never leaked or hacked. So you never have to worry about it.

Moreover, supreme court of India has declared such games as legal games and it is completely legal to play such games where money is exchanged but you have to bear all the risk factors.

The websites also claim that it provides tools to the new user as for  how to play rummy, so these tools help strengthen the skills of the new user. reviews

Money flows during game:

The websites host a large number of games and tournaments all of them are of different price depending on the number of players and the type of game you are playing. All have a different amount of money taken and paid.

They also provide an offer of 1000 rupee to the new user on one referral and they have defined certain limits as for how the money will flow and in how much amount. They have restricted amounts of money flow because they know that in a country like India, betting can go to a huge extent.


The website does not provide much information about the refund policy, it says that if it needs to cancel any game in which money is already paid it can refund it, but if money loss is due to your poor internet connection it can provide any refund. So if you have lost your money only you should be considered responsible for that. Also you can go through some rummy tips to improve your rummy skills.

Rummycircle status:

There are fairly a huge amount of complaints against the website but the customers need to understand when you are playing a game in which gambling is involved, there is a much probability that you will lose money. So you should be aware of it by yourself.

Other websites:

There are thousands of websites depending on different states and country or religion which provide restrictions and provide the different level of games where you can win prizes but people need to select what is good and what is bad for them because games like this involve gambling.

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