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by Scott Gabriel on June 14, 2016

Being a card gaming enthusiast, I was in search of an interesting online platform where I can play Indian Rummy. Some of my close friends recommended me to RummyCircle since they found the platform quite intriguing for both Newbies as well as Rummy champs 🙂

So, before I created an account, I decided to go a quick check about the platform that RummyCircle has created for Rummy players. RummyCircle is an awesome place where you can play Rummy for Practice (where there is no money involved) and you can become a Pro with each and every Rummy Practice tournament on RummyCircle 🙂 Once you have enough confidence, you can than opt for Professional Tournaments (and play with real money) where you can compete with Pro-Rummy players and make money out of Rummy.

One section that really caught the eye is the “Testimonials by Rummy Stars” on RummyCircle. At the end of the day, any service is identified by what customers are saying about the service and as expected 13 card game players around India are showering their love on RummyCircle.

Player profile : fearlesshero

rummycircle player reviews

I am really happy to win a prize in Mega Rummy Tournament Finals held on 30-June, 2013. RummyCircle is a very good entertainment website and also for making money. I love playing here.

Player profile : Mr. Ravi Krishna, Andhra Pradesh

rummy reviews

For a Rummy freak like me, its quite easy to fall in love with this site & I have fallen for it already, within a short time of being on it. Mega Rummy Tournament was a wonderful one. I loved the concept of the qualifier rounds being held all month & the way the final tournament was held. A special mention for the support team, these guys are one of the very very best. To be honest, these are the ones who keep me going despite initial troubles. Over time, there is trust & a sense of security about my transactions with RummyCircle. One final thing, for my competitors, I am not going away from this site that early, so, beware!!

Player profile : Mr. K.C Thambi, Kochi
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I amecstatic at winning Mega Rummy Tournament, Dec’11 and getting Rs. 20,000 as the prize. I have made many good rummy buddies through this site and I wish all the best to Team RummyCircle to come up with more such exciting tournaments.

Apart from the Practice & Pro Rummy tournaments, they also have Mega Rummy Tournaments, details of which can be found here

After reading about what existing Rummy maniacs are saying about RummyCircle imbibes a lot of confidence in Rummy players who are waiting on the sidelines to create an account on RummyCircle 🙂 After going through the Testimonials and added benefits of playing Rummy on RummyCircle, there is no second thought on “Why RummyCircle should be the de-facto site for aspiring & expert Rummy players”!!

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