Rummy game – You should play or stay away….?

by Scott Gabriel on December 30, 2016

Rummy is a game that is played all over India, It is the most popular among indoor games. Whether they are games like video games or other indoor games rummy is considered to be the game that actually increases your intellectual abilities and sharpen your mind. It helps to develop strategic plans. In this article, we will be learning about Rummy review’s whether rummy is good or bad, Whether you should play rummy or stay away from it. Everything, whether it may be anything, has a good or bad in it. There are certain things that are good and there are certain things that are bad so we cannot judge solely that rummy is good or bad it totally depends on one’s way of perceiving things.

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Before proceeding further you should know how to play rummy and rummy rules-

  1. Rummy is a game of 13 set card game.
  2. In rummy, you should have to arrange a set of 3,3,3,4 in ascending or descending order of the same status or rank or sequence.
  3. The arranged cars should belong to the same category which means the set of cards can be either an ace or diamond. You cannot arrange mixed cards like ace and diamonds mixed.
  4. There will be a stack of cards from where you have to pick a card and then you have to through a card which you don’t need to the pileup.
  5. You have to continue picking up the card and throwing process till all your cards are not arranged

Rummy is a game with both pros and cons let’s evaluate all those facts first before getting to any conclusion. Rummy is a game played by both teenagers and older people. It is not only common among old people who usually after their retirement are seen playing this game but also those small kids who have just started playing games. So more or less according to me this game not that much bad because it is played by all age group people. 13 card game should be played by everyone as there are certain reasons for that first of all these games increases the cognitive capacity of our mind, It increases intellectual power helps you do strategic planning and an easy to play a game. Moreover, kids who play rummy are found to be sharper than the kids who play only video games .

This game may become bad when it comes to playing online and when there is an involvement of cash prize and money. It is good until you play a game solely for the purpose of entertainment but when it involves greediness i don’t think the game is worth playing because you know that most of these websites attract you actually to put your money and there are very fewer chances that you can win cash prize most of them actually publicize themselves and act like a bait that you should fall for them and put your money.

So more or less it totally depends on one’s own perception because you yourself only can decide how much you should get involved with the game.

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