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by Scott Gabriel on February 4, 2016

“No matter what your circumstances are in life, a simple card game can make you feel special and give great joy, if only for a few fleeting moments.”


If you are a huge fan of 13 card game, especially Rummy, you would agree with the aforementioned anonymous statement without giving a second thought. If you want to cherish the moment of being a Rummy freak, know that Rummy is played by a majority of people around the world, in more ways than any other game.

Amazing, Right? Then you would be glad to know what globally renowned personalities are talking about Rummy. We are reviewing the history and etymology of Rummy with the help of RummyCircle, as it skillfully traces the evolution of Rummy throughout the century.

The American TV screenwriter and director, Brian Burns talks about the rapid popularity of card game during World War II, when the soldiers used to kill their time by playing rummy. Even the Hollywood stars couldn’t resist the temptation to play Rummy as the card game reached a huge number of public during that period and became an essential part of an adult’s sophisticated life. Burns also mentions how Rummy was turned into a fad by the residents of Beverly Hills and Malibu.

The world of the card game is incomplete without mentioning Stu Ungar, whose sole motive was to destroy people once the cards were dealt. On the other hand, author cum magician Walter B. Gibson motivates the interested card game players to just give a try, and play Rummy, which is the best way to learn the basics of it. Albert H. Morehead supports the encouragement of masses towards playing Rummy, who assures that the game is easiest one across the world with uncomplicated rules to follow.

Indian Rummy is equally tempting like its other forms around the world, especially when it comes online. The game has evolved with time & people, and available on various gaming sites today, to sharpen your rummy skills. Rummy Circle wants to give best gaming experience to the online card game lovers, especially those who admire Rummy.

The online rummy giant decided to explore the corridors of the internet, to quench the desire and feed the temptation of rummy lovers by acknowledging the need of this digitized hour. RummyCircle wants nobody to give up on the temptation to play Rummy as it keeps you young within.

You can also try your hands on Indian Rummy and its various forms by logging on to, where you may win lots of exciting prizes. We would also recommend checking RummyCircle reviews to witness on your own that it is a stress buster for a busy person in free moments, as many are singing this song over there.

Will come back with more interesting facts and stories about Rummy and Indian Rummy to keep you amazed and updated.

Till then, have a nice play!

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