Role of Joker in Indian Rummy

by Scott Gabriel on March 23, 2017

A Joker is nothing but a wild card used in the game of Indian Rummy. It is used to form sequences when the players are badly in need of a particular card. So, a Joker card plays a pivotal role in deciding the winner of Rummy if the players are well versed with the usage of it. You can, in other words, say it is a game changing card which spares you from the struggle of forming a required sequence. This is because a player with a better knowledge of how to use it wisely will easily have an edge over his opponents. Given below are the ways in which the joker cards can be used with different combinations.

role of Joker in Indian rummy

How to determine a Joker card:

A joker card is called a wild card because it is used to replace any card and is of two types:

Print Joker:

A deck of card will have 13 cards of 4 suits plus a Joker. It is a card which will have a Joker depicted as a cartoon.

Cut Joker:

An open card will be kept face up in Indian Rummy once all the 13 cards are dealt to the players. The dealer will randomly pick up a card from the closed deck and will keep it face up at the bottom of the deck. This will be known as a Joker card for that game apart from the printed joker which, by default, is a wild card. Now irrespective of the suit, all the cards with the same face value can be considered Jokers, in addition to the printed Joker card. Such randomly picked Joker card is also called as a cut-joker.

The usage of Jokers:

This is the most critical part which needs to be understood by the players who play online Rummy. Once this art is mastered, you can give thumbs up to yourself.

  1. A joker cannot be used to extend a quadruplet. For example, if you have four suits of K’s you cannot use a joker card to extend the same.
  2. It can be used to extend any sequence. But it is normally a dissuaded practice to use it for a pure sequence to form as this will amount to squandering a game changing card.
  3. It cannot be used to replace more than one card and so cannot be used for multiple times.
  4. Again, it is always advisable to use a Joker card to form sequence of high value cards so that you are burdened only with lesser points.
  5. A Joker card is permitted to be used in both sequences and sets.
  6. Before making a set with Joker, it is must to ensure that a player has one pure sequence to remain in the game. If it is done, then you can go for melding with a printed joker or a cut joker.
  7. A joker card, once discarded, cannot be picked up by the next player.

If the instructions regarding joker and its usage, as detailed above, are properly understood the forming of sequences will be easier than ever before. You just need to be selective and bring the joker into play at the right time. By regular practice you will get this expertise and you will find “joker cards” fun to play with. Read expert rummy tips to win Indian rummy game online.


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