Online Rummy Game: Simple Strategies of Help

by Scott Gabriel on July 17, 2013

The rules of the online rummy game are intriguing! Did you know that in rummy, mid-valued cards could end up being more important than the high valued ones? So, a card with value 5 would be more of use than an Ace! Similarly, there are many such interesting rules and norms to abide by for scoring well in a game of rummy.  And, it would be essential to come to terms with these in order to rake in some wins! Some such simple yet highly effective strategies for assured wins in your online rummy game have been listed here for your benefit.

Rummy rules to win the Rummy

•             Positioning your Cards well is Essential: While positioning your cards, the best thing to do would be to adhere to a particular structure. So, begin with the possible melds. Follow it up with the likely combinations comprising of 2 or 3 cards in the same sequence. Finally, the unmatched cards should follow. Group your combinations in a way that’s clear so that your cards remain in full view for you to choose well.

•             The Joker is More Important than you Think: Of course you must already know that the joker is immensely important to you in an online rummy game! However, what you should also remember is that it can be used in different ways.  A joker can be used for making one or many sequences that are non-pure in nature.

•             Decoding Opponent Moves: Keeping a watchful eye on your opponent’s cards is very important. Note what he is picking and what he is not. This way, you will not be discarding cards he might be in need of.  This would certainly provide you with a clear competitive advantage.

•             Reducing your Points: When playing an online rummy game, ensure that with every move you make, your total points are being brought down by discarding high point cards first. However, simply discarding a card because it happens to be of high value may not be a great idea after all! Think wisely before you discard or decide to hand on to a high value card.

Choosing the right platform for playing your online rummy game is equally important as well! Make sure you check on essential aspects like reputation, safety, security, nature of deals, range of games offered and so on. Checking RummyCircle reviews too is a very good idea to be doubly sure.

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