Indian Rummy is a perfect blend of technology and fun

by Scott Gabriel on April 7, 2017

Rummy has always been a popular game in India, however online rummy games have also gained high popularity today. With a steady internet connect and a mobile or desktop/laptop, one can get online and play a game of rummy. Not only is it convenient but also absolute fun. You play on the go, you win cash easily and all transactions are secure leaving no scope for any kind of fraud.

indian rummy

But there are some players who get scared thinking about the concept of technology and games. But on the contrary, playing online rummy is so simple that you’ll never want to play the offline mode once you have experienced it.

How is online rummy played?

Online rummy is played through a website like A player has to create an account on the website and then he can view the available games on the dashboard. Just pick the game you want to play and enjoy.

Is it a live game?

Yes, all rummy games that are played online are played with real players and are live games. So, you need a steady internet connection to play in real time. If there is a disrupt in the internet connection, there is a buffer given for a limited time. Player should avoid playing the online game in weak network connection.

What are the system requirements of the game?

Before you get started with the 13 card game, check out these basic system requirements.


  • CPU – Pentium 4 and above is recommended.
  • RAM – 512MB is recommended.
  • Operating System – Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux.
  • Screen Resolution – 1024×768 is recommended.
  • Turn on your speakers to listen to Game Sounds.
  • Flash Player 9 or greater should be installed on your computer.

Browsers Supported

The main thing to keep in mind is that your browser must be Java Script Enabled. The game can be played on Internet Explorer 6 and above. It also works well with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Another thing, remember to disable the pop up blocker on the browser before you start off.

Internet Connection

As mentioned earlier, you need a steady internet connection to enjoy online rummy uninterrupted.

Network Connection – 256kbps and above is recommended.

If you are playing from a mobile, remember it has to be minimum 2G and again with a strong signal.

Once you have these two things, you are all set to play rummy online.

Enter the completely fun rummy experience

What makes online rummy so much more fun is the rich media experience and the challenge of playing with excellent rummy players. As a player, you never have to settle for playing average. Play at the level you want, for as big stakes as you want and as frequently as you want.

Can the experience of rummy get any better than this?


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