If you are an expert, what advice will you give to the beginners?

by Scott Gabriel on September 25, 2017


The online Rummy is a very rewarding game. Due to the irresistible nature of the game, people throng to the websites, offering online Rummy, with the main aim of Rummy download. Many of them who are quite new to the game have entered the world of Indian Rummy only because of the rave reviews that they have kept on hearing about it. So, as an expert, if you want them to be groomed, these are some of the things on which you can advise them besides teaching them how to play Rummy.

  1. Give them an idea as to how to choose a proper Rummy website to play. Not all Rummy stakeholders online can be called trustworthy. Since the game involves some confidential information to be shared too, the reliability of the website is much important. You can perhaps suggest RummyCircle, the largest Rummy portal for them.
  2. Teach them the importance of learning the game through Rummy guide and inculcate in them the need for playing practice matches before playing real cash games.
  3. Tell them not to play multiple matches at the same time although there is a provision for doing so. Concentrating on more than one game at a time can cause distraction.
  4. Stress them the need to first focus on pure sequence. Always insist that any arrangement without a pure sequence cannot be validated as a declaration.
  5. Rummy is not just about oneself. It is a game where you need to work on the minds of the opponents to get favourable cards at your end. So, educate them as to how to play mind games in order to do that. Tell them how you can confuse your opponents through your moves like dropping of a random card that you have a two of, continuously dropping lower value cards or picking high value cards, the act of bluffing and so on.
  6. Give them an idea as to how to handle a bad Rummy situation. You can recommend them to discard high value cards to reduce points, ask them to form at least one pure sequence, confuse the opponents, etc., and if nothing works out, try dropping the game. You can make them understand the situation when they are safe in dropping the game, be it first or middle.
  7. Enlighten them on the significance of the joker cards and how to use them. Let them be aware of the usage of jokers and teach them the difference between random jokers and printed jokers.
  8. Let them learn all the features of the website in which they have enrolled including customer care.
  9. Inform them how the money transactions are done and how the payments are made. Make them less nervous and more confident.
  10. And last but not the least, let them be calm and composed whenever they begin a Rummy game. That itself wins you half the game.

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