How You Can Win Cash and Challenge Yourself At the Same Time

by Scott Gabriel on June 19, 2017

Play rumy win cash

One of the most lucrative prizes that can ever be, is winning cash for playing games. Yes, even with many game apps, there are only a handful that offer real cash. Rest offer coins or digital currency to enjoy and have fun.  But can it really measure up to the feel of winning real cash and seeing it add up in your bank account?

Well, Indian rummy has different websites that let you enjoy a game of rummy and win cash prizes. Here’s how you can win cash and challenge yourself at the same time.

Play by the rules

Understanding the Indian rummy rules and playing by them is the most important aspect of this game. Without having a clarity about the rules, it is easy to make invalid declarations or wrong moves. To play fast, you first need to play right. Therefore, understand the rummy rules and play many practice games. Even though the temptation of winning cash is very high, restrict yourself till you have a strong footing.

Understand the website

Offline rummy and online rummy cash can be completely two different experiences. Playing with friends and family members who are sitting right in front of you as compared to expert rummy players over a website is a bit different. Spend some time getting familiar with the website and see the video tutorials to understand how the game moves.

Try out the practice games

Once you are familiar with the rummy website, start playing the practice games. It will help you understand your comfort level with the website, revision of all rummy rules and even gauge the expertise of the players. You will get a fair idea on whom you are up against.

Get started with cash games

When you are starting off with cash rummy, it is best to start with cash games. These games give you the actual feel of cash games but are not as lengthy as tournaments. You can join these games instantly and start playing with a nominal entry fee. So, you get to play live cash games and even win real cash with a short time invested.

Enter the large cash rummy tournaments

Playing large cash rummy tournaments is fun and challenging at the same time. The rummy tournaments run at stipulated time with the players required to register in advance. The tournaments run on a prize pool with cash prizes running into lakhs. There are tournaments with entry fee as well as free tournaments. The player can pick as per preference and suitability.

If you want to experience this fun and exciting world of rummy, just register with RummyCircle and join over 5 million players on the website.

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