Deals Rummy’s format on RummyCircle

by Scott Gabriel on February 12, 2016

With the immense popularity of card games in India, one may come across a deck of cards anywhere in anyone’s hand. 13 card game is one of the best-known and widely played card games which is accepted as the ultimate social and family game all over the country. With the companies like RummyCircle bringing rummy to online world, this game has become a source of entertainment and leisure for a number of people which is well evident from rummycircle reviews and feedback.  It is the largest online rummy portal in India which ensures a great gaming experience for the customers.

Deals Rummy is one of the most interesting versions of this game played on rummycircle. It is based on the objective of arranging all 13 cards in-hand in certain combinations (sets or sequences). The number of deals is pre-decided at the beginning of the game according to which the chips are allocated to the players in Deals Rummy.  It involves 2 to 6 players with one or more packs of cards. The players are allocated a fixed number of chips at the beginning of deals rummy game on rummycircle. A set of 13 cards is dealt to each player randomly. A toss before the game begins decides the player who will make the first move in the game. All the chips are won by one winner at the end of each deal. The player with the maximum number of chips is the winner of the game at the end of per-decided number of deals.

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