College Seminars + Indian Rummy = Awesome fun!!

by Scott Gabriel on February 5, 2016

When we are in school, we feel that we should become teens very quickly so that we can get rid of our school dress & enjoy college. If you interact with Collegians (College going kids), they would say that school life was much better since there was not much tension about career, earning money once you pass college etc.

All said and done, College life is an interesting time of our lives. This is when we experience freedom for the first time. We make new friends. Lots of new memories are engraved for a life time in our minds. Along with pressure of studies and tight project submission deadlines there is a lot of enjoyment. Bunking classes, spending time in the canteen with friends, going for movies with friends is all a part of unlimited fun and if you are staying in a hostel it is icing on the cake.

This reminds me of my college days. Some of the important things in management colleges is the seminars we have to attend and the presentations we have to give. Seminars are always very interesting since we get a great platform to showcase our skills and also make very good contacts. For one such seminar, our college had sent a group of five including myself. It was a seven day event that was filled with fun & challenges.

Many of us in the group did not know much acquaintance with each other. We gelled well during our travel and hence things became more comfortable. Just like many times in life, the worst happens when it is least. Once we reached the venue, it was announced that the seminar was delayed by two days due to some technical issue.

We had two full days where we either we get bored in the hotel or we have fun by going outside. Since we had two days, we decided to do both the things J However, the question that we had in mind is “How can we have fun even when we stay in hotel” ? Obviously, we did not want to see TV!! When we were looking out for options, one of my friends told us that she had once been in similar situation & they had enjoyed by playing the Indian card game Rummy.

We were some how not very much convinced on how can have fun with Rummy since there are many card games in India. She narrated the whole incident to us & all of us wanted to try out Indian Rummy

But many of them in our team had never even played a single card game. My friend had two good qualities in her – Patience & Good explanation skills. She decided to explain rummy rules for us.

Rummy can be played with 2 or 6 players. It can be played with 2 decks of cards. The process of distributing cards to all the players is called as Deal. There is one card which has no face & it is called as Joker. Joker can be used as a replacement in place of any other card and this is what makes this card very powerful. In Hindi, Joker is fondly called as Paplu. Rummy is based on two major things i.e. Sets & Sequences. Set consists of 3 or more cards having the same rank but of different suits. On the other hand, Sequence consists of 3 or more cards belonging to the same suit but having weight in an ascending order. The game ends when any one of the players declares Rummy.

These pointers helped us to start the 13 card game. But with every game, there were more questions and she patiently explained all of us the detailed rules of Rummy. In fact, we got so much attached to the game that we changed the plan for the second day and we stayed in the hotel to play Rummy J At least this time, there were less questions and we could play more number of games.

As for the seminar, it went very well but Rummy etched a permanent place in our hearts J I keep narrating this incident to many of my friends when they say that “They are bored” with life!!

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