Classic Indian Skill Game – Rummy

by Scott Gabriel on November 23, 2015

13 Cards Rummy is the Classic Indian Rummy Game which is played by people of different ages across the Indian Sub-Continent. 13 Cards game is a simple and yet a highly skilled game played with between 2-3 decks on a table of maximum 5-6 players. A card game involving a substantial level of skill and mental acumen, the required prowess in mathematics makes it a favorite of Indians, also famed for their mathematical genius across the world.

13 Cards Rummy is considered by many to be one of the more sophisticated multi-player Card games, with people known to have spent years in the mastery of this brilliantly designed game. While the exact origins of the game remain undiscovered and insufficiently documented, most people trace it back to South East Asia including the Indian Sub-Continent.

The game is often played with its more popular 13 Cards Rummy with Joker Format, even though the no joker format is not so uncommon. The no joker 13 Cards Rummy game is often a longer game than the 13 cards and can go on for a sufficient duration, testing the patience and concentration of the players involved. While many highly experienced players are known to prefer the No Joker 13 Cards Rummy Game format, on account of the greater level of mental control and concentration required, the Joker based 13 Cards Rummy Game format is the more popular, though not lacking far behind in the level of control and concentration. The bonus Card in the form of the Joker in the 13 Cards rummy format also adds an element of excitement.

13 Cards Rummy Game require different levels of skill for a player who wishes to reach a level of consistency in winnings.

On Rummycircle, we have digitally transformed the 13 Cards Rummy Game for the recreation of our players, with an endeavor that it gives them a platform to connect with the players, and to bring them to a singular digital space to recreate the experience of playing this fascinating game of Skill.

Rummycircle is one of the few rummy websites in India that provides its players with an option to invite their friends and family. Easy rummy rules are mentioned on site along with the video tutorials on how to play rummy.


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