Celebrating Friendship Day the Rummy Way

by Scott Gabriel on July 31, 2015

RummyCircle Review- On Friendship Day, we bring you stories of 2 friends who bonded over one common interest…Rummy. In fact, they are bringing more friends into their circle.

Siva Kondeti and Prasad M – 2 friends from Andhra Pradesh have bonded over a game of Rummy for many years now. A few years ago, they took their interest online and started playing rummy on RummyCircle. They both ended up making so much money playing Rummy that they are now expanding their circle of friendship by inviting more friends to join the platform. What’s more is that they get rewarded by RummyCircle for inviting their friends too…now that’s celebrating Friendship Day the Rummy Way.

RummyCircle Review by Users

“I have been playing Rummy for many years. I invited many friends to play through email and won Rs. 4,000 in reference bonus. It’s good for both – time pass and money,” says Prasad M

Businessmen from Vishakhapatnam are cousins but over years, their relationship has proved to be stronger than the bond of friendship.

“My cousin introduced me to RummyCircle. I have regularly been playing since then. Playing on RummyCircle is very thrilling. I have introduced my family and friends to it’”, says Venkata Manoj Rao.

These 2 brothers have found one common interest that they absolutely love – Rummy. They both have won cash prizes of over Rs 20,000 while playing the game on RummyCircle. Their experience has been so good that they are now recommending the site to others. So give your friend this unconventional gift on Friendship Day…invite them to play a game of Rummy only on RummyCircle. You can easily learn how to play rummy at RummyCircle.com. Join RummyCircle on Facebook and on Google Plus

The above are the rummycircle reviews by the rummy players.

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